Is There Any Harm In Cycling? Are You Sure!


Research shows that spinning is a very good exercise to reduce fat and shape.In fact, under the same circumstances, the calorie consumption of m-bike is higher than that of running, which is equivalent to HIIT. However, there are still many people who have many questions about m-bike. Next, we will answer some mainstream questions. 


Can people with poor physical fitness use motor bikes?

The answer is no doubt, of course it can! As long as you want to slim down and shape through the m-bike, as long as you have no problem with your knees, waist and back, then the motor bike is the best choice for you. After every training, you can feel the sweat flowing into the river.With music or video, it will make your whole exercise process not boring, even full of fun.


 Do legs get thicker?

No! The feedback from users who have experienced it personally shows that the spinning machine really burns fat.If you are a fat type leg, congratulations. You will soon see a very obvious effect by spinning. The meat of the thighs and calves will become more and more compact with the meat. At the same time, the lines of the legs will be more beautiful.After the exercise, with the leg stretching and massage with fascia gun, the exercise efficiency will be greatly improved.


 Will it hurt your knee?

This is the question that bothers the most people. Many people think that the use of motor bike for a long time will cause damage to the knee.Actually, it's not. It's closely related to the way you ride.For beginners, it is necessary to strengthen core muscle exercise. When riding in standing posture, we should pay special attention to putting the center of gravity behind, putting more force on the thighs and buttocks, and paying attention to not shaking the body.

What's more, the amount and intensity of exercise should be controlled, and seat adjustment is also very important. Don't rush for speed or more weight.If the leg does not support during exercise, it is necessary to take a proper rest before continuing to exercise.

No matter it's climbing with high resistance in standing position, riding fast with small resistance in standing position, or sprinting in standing position, do not fully extend your legs during riding, and the center should be back.