Bicycle helps you calorie-burning easily: 8 songs burn 600 kcal

Among the aerobic equipment, it is the most efficient and convenient way to burn fat. You will feel the sweat after each exercise. The following is a highly effective tutorial on m-bike. To be honest, you only need to keep exercising at this intensity for 35 minutes and you can consume about 600 kcal, which is equivalent to an hour of running.


PS: according to the height of each person, you must adjust your seat position before cycling to avoid knee injury caused by improper seat position.


Riding Essentials:

  1. Tighten the core and keep it stable
  2. Natural bending of hands and back
  3. Trample with the forefoot
  4. The action of the foot pedal maintains an elliptical loop


The bicycle is generally divided into three handle positions:

  1. Sitting position flat handle (first, handle)
  2. Small resistance riding handle in sitting or standing position (second handle)
  3. Climbing resistance handle (third handle)


Music song list:

There is no fixed song list, the next is only recommended music for you. This list can be made according to the individual's preference and intensity. The eight songs add up to about 35 minutes.

Song 1: the most relaxing music, the first handle with zero resistance to warm-up.
Song 2: easy music, the first handle slowly increases resistance, feel the foot start to force, there is a little resistance against it.
Song 3: speed up the rhythm of the music, use the second handle when riding and standing, and continue to increase resistance. Imagine riding on a hillside. The resistance is also high.
Song 4: fast-paced music, remote use of the third handle, resistance continues to increase. Imagine riding to the top of the mountain. It's hard and hard!!
Song 5: easy music, back to the first handle and reduce resistance to zero. Imagine riding down the mountain. It's a relaxing ride while storing energy for the next stage of the ride.
Song 6: music with a strong sense of rhythm, use the third handle. Imagine riding on a mountain! Adjust the resistance to the maximum you can accept, standing, or sitting, but try to keep the resistance highest and keep riding until the end of the song.
Song 7: easy song, the first handle and imagine going down the mountain to relax.
Song 8: the most relaxing music, using the first handle to recover the music.

After the above eight songs, you will be panting and sweating. At this time, you can be appropriate to supplement water and protein to maintain the body's needs. In addition, stretching is also very important. It is an aerobic exercise of the whole body. It not only needs to stretch and relax the lower leg but also stretches and relaxes the core muscles, which can relieve the muscle ache the next day.