Did You Really Do The Right Fitness?

Now increasingly people cannot live without fitness, and more and more people regard fitness as a healthy lifestyle. But have you really done fitness? It doesn't matter, you will have a more scientific understanding of fitness after reading the following articles.


During preparation at home

  1. Choose your clothes: Fitness bags need to bring a lot of things, suitable sportswear and sports shoes, underwear, towel, slippers, bath shampoo, headphones, and cabinet lock! For women, sports underwear must not be forgotten, heavy training, please bring protective gear.
  2. Prepare a song list that you like: Fitness money, you'd better choose a few suitable fitness song lists, and suggest finding some fast-paced music. Music can not only make people devote themselves to exercise, but also improve your efficiency.
  3. Add energy and say points: at least 30 minutes before fitness, you should add some food appropriately, which can make you get a good fitness feeling and avoid hypoglycemia.
  • Carbon tax options: 1 slice of whole wheat bread, 1 banana;
  • Protein can be carried: a chicken protein (supplement after training), protein powder.

We can also improve the efficiency of fitness through some auxiliary products. Combined with enhanced sports supplements, such as creatine and nitrogen pump, can effectively improve muscle strength, relieve muscle fatigue, and obtain stronger strength training efficiency.No matter at any stage, water must be replenished at any time. Sufficient water in the body is helpful to improve pump feeling and obtain a better training effect.



No matter what training, you must warm-up before fitness. Warming up in advance can move the muscles and joints of all parts of the body to get sufficient warm-up and lubrication, so that muscle contraction is more efficient, but also can accelerate the blood circulation of the body and avoid injury during exercise.

In the cold winter, the warm-up practice should be extended, and appropriate clothing should be worn to maintain body temperature, and appropriate clothing should be added for outdoor sports.

It doesn't take long to warm up:

  1. Easy aerobic exercise, 5-10 minutes of light sweating.
  2. If there is strength training on the day, after the aerobic warm-up, use lightweight to do a few groups of ready to practice movements to further warm up the muscles and joints of the body.


Fitness period

General fitness items are divided into aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. It is suggested that anaerobic exercise should be carried out before aerobic exercise because strength training requires higher physical fitness. Besides, according to different fitness purposes, time allocation and training items are also different. It is suggested that 3-4 times a week is better.

For people with muscle gain

Anaerobic: 80% of the total time, mainly strength training, master the standard of movement, and the correct point of muscle strength, weight can be selected.Select 4-6 training movements for each part, 3-5 groups, 8-12 times.

Aerobic: accounting for 20% of the total time, mainly in the form of running, cycling, walking, etc., can be appropriately increased speed, reduce the time of aerobic exercise, 20 minutes is appropriate. If the sebum is not high, only two aerobic exercises a week are needed.

Total training time

Whether it is muscle gain or fat loss, the best time for the first time is 1 hour. With the increase of movement proficiency and strength, the time can be slightly adjusted, but it is better not to exceed 2 hours, and the rest time between action groups should not exceed 90 seconds.

Replenish water in training

At this time, a small amount of water can be added to the body to avoid excessive water loss during the rest process. If you feel tired, you can add glucose or other sports drinks appropriately.

Stretching after fitness

Stretching after fitness is as important as a warm-up before fitness. It can not only shape the perfect muscle line but also avoid the injury caused by muscle stiffness and pain after exercise. Static stretching is the main method, stretching for about 10 minutes.

  1. Release of muscle fascial gun. Roll and relax the muscles of the whole body with a foam shaft to relax the fascia of the muscles for 10-15 minutes. Fascia is the connective tissue wrapped outside the muscle. If the fascia is not relaxed, the lifted muscle should be restricted by the fascia;
  2. Then do static muscle stretching, stretching for about 10-15 minutes.


After meal training

After fitness, the muscle is very sensitive to insulin, and the synthesis speed of liver sugar is relatively fast. At this time, if you do not supplement nutrition timely, the body will consume the protein in muscle in order to recover energy. After stretching and relaxing, it's half an hour after training. You can choose protein and carbon water that are easy to digest, such as protein powder, milk, banana, bread, etc.

In addition, a small number of additional meals will not affect fat loss, and people who have lost fat can also add meals. In order to reduce fat, some people go to bed hungry after training, which is extremely wrong, which will lead to metabolic decline, muscle loss, and many other adverse factors.



Fitness often produces a lot of sweat, so many people will be eager to take a cold bath after practice. Although many athletes will use a cold water bath to reduce body inflammation, as ordinary people (with low fitness intensity), it is not recommended to apply this method. If you do not master the time and temperature well, it will not only affect the recovery but also affect the blood circulation, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain, heart, and other parts, Cause dizziness, weakness, and other symptoms.

And in winter, before and after fitness will make the body temperature difference. It is suggested to take a rest for about 30 minutes after fitness, and then take a bath at a temperature close to the body temperature when the body recovers to the Empress Dowager before exercise.


Dinner after going home

When I get home from the gym, it is 1-2 hours from the end of the training. In addition to the meal after half an hour of training, we still need to eat the main food.

A staple food selection of coarse cereals, in addition, eat more vegetables and animal protein, fatty food can choose a little (a handful) nuts. As for the amount of food you eat, you need to arrange according to your target meal calories. It varies from person to person, and I won't repeat it again.


Go to bed before 23 PM

The rest is very important for a fitness person. People who don't know how to rest can never practice well. Hard work of fitness is also a white exercise. If you want to do well in muscle training and lose fat fast, staying up late must be prohibited.