Very Detailed Use Of Motor Bike



As the weather gets colder, people go to the gym less frequently. Research has proved that in order to keep the body in a healthy state, 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day is very necessary. But the monotonous aerobic exercise of running, climbing or walking is really boring. Therefore, more and more people choose to do aerobic exercise, not only because it has many ways of exercise and high efficiency of burning fat, but also because it occupies a small area at home. However, many people have made a lot of seemingly unimportant mistakes before they start to exercise. Next, I will explain in detail the precautions before applying m-bike.


Proper seat adjustment

  1. Seat height adjustment: stand close to the bicycle, and the seat is parallel to the buttocks
  2. Adjust the handlebar distance: from the front of the seat to the middle of the handlebar, measure with your forearm, and the whole palm. It is the most suitable distance to put it down.
  3. Determine whether the seat height is appropriate: sit on the bicycle seat, step on the pedal, and pedal to the end, with the sole of the front foot stepping on the pedal. There is a little bend in the knee, not too straight or too bent.


Correct riding posture

Sitting and riding

  1. The upper body is centered on the core muscles, the abdomen is kept tight, and the thighs and buttocks are taken as the center of gravity to maintain stability.
  2. Keep the head and back straight, not too high or forward. Arms naturally bend, shoulders sink, avoid shrugging.
  3. The body should not be crooked or twisted, and the back should naturally bend forward, and should not be straight and stiff.
  4. Keep your knees in line with your toes. Your knees should not buckle in or out. Your feet should be parallel to the ground. Your feet should be in the middle of the pedals. Your toes should not face down.
  5. When trampling, keep circular motion. The closer the angle is drawn to the circle, the more efficient the trampling will be.


Riding standing

  1. The shoulders and arms are relaxed and naturally slightly curved. The waist and back are straight and look straight ahead.
  2. Gently place your hands on the handle (front handle), lean your upper body forward and your hips back, over the seat. Note that your knees should always be behind the resistance knob.
  3. Tighten the core, focus on the back, mainly through the thigh back and hip pull force, buttocks, and upper body as far as possible to maintain stability.