Under Desk Exercise Bike for Leg & Arm Exerciser
Under Desk Exercise Bike for Leg & Arm ExerciserUnder Desk Exercise Bike for Leg & Arm ExerciserUnder Desk Exercise Bike for Leg & Arm ExerciserUnder Desk Exercise Bike for Leg & Arm ExerciserUnder Desk Exercise Bike for Leg & Arm Exerciser



This LNOW mini bike can be used for hand exercise, hand joint movement, improvement of upper limb coordination, and strength. It can also be used for leg exercise, improve blood circulation, and enhance leg muscle strength. Portable handle design allows you to exercise at home or in the office at any time.


  • Multy sences to use: You can pedal the bike while you are watching TV at home, or before the desk while you are at work, you can also put it on desk for your arm cycling exercise. Easy to carry with a handle.
  • Resistance Adjustable: Turning the resistance knob to adjust the resistance and personalize your training level according to your need.
  • LCD monitor: Functional LCD monitor displays exercise TIME, COUNT, RPM ,CALORIES BURNED AND SCAN, helps you know better about your exercise.
  • Adjustable straps: Pedals work well with both hands and feet. Pedals are adjustable to fit foot or hands for safety and stability. If bike moves on the ground while use, we can offer you one non-slip mat.

  • SKU: D821
  • Measurement: 12.99'' *13.38'' *11.41'' in
  • Weight: 8.37 lb
  • Suitable for: ligament injury, joint pain, muscle degeneration, varicose vein, lower extremity rehabilitation training.
  • Note: Please used under desk above 32 inch in height, otherwise, your knees might touch the desk.
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Portable Handle Design

Designed with a handle, you can left it easily with only one hand.
This portable under desk bike keeps you focused, improves productivity and burns calories at your home desk or in the office.

Resistance adjustable

There is a convenient adjustable knob, with a simple twist, you can increase or decrease the resistance so your workout can remain challenging and effective throughout your fitness journey.

Easy to Store

Our pedal exerciser is small,easy to store and easy to carry.The size is 12.99 * 13.38 * 11.41 inch, which can be placed under the desk and in the cabinet.

Stable and quiet

Sturdy frame and non-slip feet for safety and efficient.
It's very quiet in use and won't disturb anyone. You can exercise while reading, or sit on the sofa watching TV while exercising.

Adjustable strap belt

Adjust strap belt for different size foot.
Each pedal also has a non-slip surface which helps increase the friction force, so that the pedal exerciser is not easy to slide in the process of motion.

LCD Monitor Display

The multi-function LCD monitor can display time, distance, total count and calories through the buttons in use. Helps increase strength, improve coordination and circulation.

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